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Solstice is a process-driven organization. We are stewards of the faculty leader's vision, we're exceptionally flexible and accommodating, and we keep the student and faculty leader experience first among priorities.

Program Design

When partnering with faculty leaders to design a custom global program, we seek to anchor the program in clearly defined learning goals and outcomes; articulate an academic theme that resonates throughout the journey; integrate relevant pedagogical theories and techniques; identify measurable outcomes; and curate the in-country experience to meet each of these pursuits.

In close collaboration with our faculty partners, we take into consideration the structure of classes, activities, meals, organizational and company visits, and the overall flow of the itinerary to achieve our program design goals.

Each traveler is also given the opportunity to reflect upon their intercultural experiences. As the pioneering educator John Dewey said in 1916, “we do not learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience.”


Much work can be devoted to program development only to have the trip cancelled due to low enrollment. We continue to see many faculty partners and institutions face this challenge.

To provide an enrollment boost, Solstice creates attractive custom marketing materials—both print and digital—for every program we facilitate, and we're always available to visit campus to make class announcements, help lead info sessions, and participate in study abroad fairs.


In preparation for one’s journey abroad, students need to complete a range of pre-departure steps. This typically includes submitting a student information form, sharing medical information and dietary restrictions with program leaders, submitting program deposit and tuition, reviewing packing lists and country-specific travel considerations, securing visas, and more.

In consultation with our faculty and institutional partners, Solstice creates a unique online pre-departure to-do list for each of our global programs. Over the past decade, we’ve developed and continuously refined our enrollment processes to make this otherwise-tedious step smooth and straightforward.


With the program design and itinerary in hand, our team's focus transitions to implementation. Bringing the in-country experience to fruition begins with cultivating a range of local connections—at universities, K-12 schools, government offices, NGOs, multinational corporations, innovate startups, and more.

Fostering a positive environment in which our program participants form meaningful, mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with local stakeholders forms the bedrock of our in-country effort. It is often these people-to-people experiences that plant the seed in students’ minds to continue exploring the globe and expanding their horizons, both geographically and intellectually.

The second key aspect of implementation concerns the nuts and bolts of smooth logistical delivery—buses, planes, trains, hotels, restaurants, guides, site visits, and so on. Solstice has over ten years' experience working in a variety of contexts to ensure seamless logistical implementation. We do not take this crucial aspect of program delivery lightly and utilize a key set of internal processes to meet the challenge.


For every faculty-led program, finances must be dutifully managed and responsibly dispersed to cover a range of logistical provisions. Solstice has a longstanding track record of careful financial management. We work with students and families, or directly with your institution, to safely collect program fees, accurately track all transactions, and ensure sound and responsible financial management throughout the program experience.



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