Germany exercises an indispensable presence in the modern international order. Welcome to this great nation, where countless opportunities exist to explore German history, modern society, economic activity, feats of engineering, and more.

Automative Sector
Automotive engineering is a cornerstone of German industry. While traversing Germany, participate in a guided tour of a BMW auto plant, visit Audi's corporate offices to learn about global supply chain management, attend guest lectures on Germany's automative history, and engage with German peers to discuss the future of automative innovation.

Germany's Long Arc of History
The concept of Germany as a distinct region dates back to the time of Julius Caesar, when the great Roman general—and later de facto authoritarian ruler—chronicled his conquests of Germania in his incredibly influential memoir, The Gallic Wars.

Travel through German history with visits to Roman ruins, reformation-era churches, relics of a feudal past, concentration camps preserved for posterity, and early post-war representations of the Germany we know today.

Innovation in Education
The German educational system is often looked upon with reverence throughout the world, particularly for its system of vocational training. But while many observers consider "the German educational system" as a unified entity, in practice the system varies significantly by region, as individual German states each decide their own educational policies with limited federal intervention.

As with all Solstice programs, we seek to include several school visits in every itinerary. Interact with local peers, attend guest lectures on a variety of topics, understand similarities and differences between schooling in the US and Germany, and peer into the world of education in Germany.

Day Trips
While based in major German cities, take time to explore points of interest in surrounding towns and villages. Day trips can include visits to medieval castles, small-town manufacturing plants, historically preserved concentration camps, massive underground salt mines, and more.

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